Issue 18 of Acne Paper: A Journey Through a Dream House this Summer Issue 18 of Acne Paper: A Journey Through a Dream House this Summer Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Issue 18 of Acne Paper: A Journey Through a Dream House this Summer

The 18th edition of Acne Paper, brought to life by the fashion maven, Acne Studios, is centered around a dream house of exquisite furniture, striking art, and coveted collectibles. To construct this dream house, Acne Paper embarks on a journey through time and space, questing for unique finds—ranging from intriguing pieces by contemporary designers to iconic objects that have marked the history of decorative arts; their value is priceless.

The house comprises nine rooms and a garden, which collectively form the ten chapters of this publication. Each chapter showcases video stories compiled by some of the most sought-after videographers of today. Behind each door lies a series of conversations – informal interviews with ten luminaries from the worlds of art, design, architecture, performance, literature, and interior design.

Unlike the dance scenes of New York buildings or the theatrical depictions in any global opera theater, this house elicits a profound sense of drama the moment we step beneath its eaves. Each room embodies the exchange of artists, knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

Experience a fresh perspective on the intertwining realms of fashion, art, and design with the latest issue of Acne Paper. Journey through a dream house filled with artistic treasures and creative dialogues—each room, a new chapter, each door, an invitation to explore and be inspired. The summer issue is more than a magazine; it’s a gateway to an immersive artistic experience. Don’t miss out on this unique voyage!

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