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Inclusive M&M’s for all funkind

The worldwide known and probably the most famous candy brand in the world M&M’s @mmschocolate is taking a step forward to adapt to society’s demands by being more inclusive.

Known for its fun commercials, in which we see the characters in various situations, usually with strong personalities, the brand states that they will now have “more subtle personalities to emphasize the importance of self-expression.” The characters themselves have also suffered small redesigns. The female ones, the green and brown, previously wore high heels, and now the brown uses “low and comfortable” heels, and the green one now wears “cool sneakers that reflect her natural confidence.”

“Our ambition is to upend the expected, break through barriers, and discover the little joys shared in everyday life. Imagine a world with less judgment & more connection & consistent laughter. Together, we can make this a reality for all funkind.”

M&M’s Website

The red candy’s personality will be changed a little bit by being less aggressive and becoming kinder to others, while the orange one will “accept her true self, her problems, and anxieties.” In addition, their names will also become less gendered. The brand drops the use of Ms. and Mr. to differentiate between genders “to focus on personalities, not gender.”

The voice will also change as well as their skin tone, now being almost white. The female characters will leave their overly extended eyelashes and will wear more natural makeup, and they will leave behind their toxic and competitive relationship with one another shown in previous ads to be more friendly and supportive to represent “the force that sustains women”.

Inclusive M&M's for all funkind Inclusive M&M's for all funkind Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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