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An Unforgettable Pride Month at St. John the Divine

An Iconic Summer of Pride at the Cathedral

St. John the Divine, a cornerstone of vibrant spirituality, becomes a radiant symbol of LGBTQ+ Pride from May 31 through July 1. The Cathedral has curated a rich, month-long series of gatherings, services, and events, including unique film screenings that offer fresh insights into inclusivity, identity, and the beautiful intersection of spirituality and art. The Cathedral extends a warm welcome to all, emphasizing the significance of community and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

Unveiling the Rainbow with Pride Eve and Queer Icons

Pride Eve, the inaugural event of the season, unfolds on May 31, with the Cathedral’s resplendent Nave bathed in a cascade of rainbow hues. This evening promises a remarkable celebration of the Queer Icons in our lives and community. Accompanying the revelry is the premiere of a captivating collection by Gabriel Garcia Roman, a visionary artist exploring the multifaceted essence of identity.

Fun, Faith, and Celebration: A Dynamic Pride Calendar

June 3 welcomes kids of all ages to a jubilant Pride Family Day at the Cathedral, promising an array of fun activities including an ice cream social, along with melodic contributions from the Queer Big Apple Corps.

On June 5, the Cathedral hosts a Pride Faith Perspectives Panel, an enriching dialogue with faith leaders on the profound ties between religion and LGBTQ+ life. Revered faith leaders, including The Rev. Dr. Charlie Bell, The Rev. James Martin, SJ, The Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng, and The Rev. Dr. Mary Barber, along with The Very Rev. Patrick Malloy, Dean of the Cathedral, will helm the discussion, accentuating the spiritual experiences of LGBTQ+ communities within The Episcopal Church and other Christian denominations.

Melodies of Pride and a Celebration of Icons

Immerse yourself in a sacred symphony on June 18, at a 4 pm Pride Evensong service, where the music of Ethel Smyth, Daniel Ficarri, Craig Phillips, David Hurd, and Kristina Rizzotto will accompany hymns from “Songs for the Holy Other”, a hymn collection by The Hymn Society, echoing affirmation for the LGBTQ+ community.

Concluding the Pride Month with a Tribute to St. Pauli Murray

The grand Pride celebration at the Cathedral concludes on July 1, honoring St. Pauli Murray. The Cathedral extends an open invitation for the screening of “My Name is Pauli Murray”, a compelling documentary exploring the life and influence of this notable activist, scholar, and priest, rounding off Pride 2023 with a sense of unity and appreciation.

The NYC Pride 2023 festivities have officially launched, and St. John the Divine is celebrating in full swing. To commence the “Iconic Pride” series, the cathedral, nestled at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street, is commemorating the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community with a dazzling installation by Mexican-American visual artist Gabriel Garcia Roman. Accompanied by the artist’s Queer Icons works, the Cathedral’s stunning interior columns will become a prism, bathing the sacred space in the colors of the Pride Flag.

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