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Igniting the Fashion Scene: Armenia’s First-Ever Fashion Week

Immerse yourself in an event set to revolutionize the fashion world – Armenia’s very first Fashion Week is on the horizon. From July 1 to 6, 2023, the prestigious HayArt Cultural Center in Yerevan, located at the heart of the city on 7a Mashtots Street, is the venue to be.

The Spotlight on Armenian Design

Witness over 20 gifted Armenian designers making their mark, as they unveil their latest collections on the runway. The lineup spans from the budding talents of the Fashion Scout Armenia platform to the revered titans of the Armenian fashion industry, promising a display of unfiltered creativity. But brace yourselves – this isn’t your ordinary fashion week.

Beyond the Runway

Dive deeper into the fashion journey with an array of engaging activities that promise to captivate throughout the week. Meander through a showroom housing over 60 Armenian brands, each brandishing its unique narrative. Engage in insightful panel discussions dissecting the core of fashion, and immerse yourself in exhibitions that defy the conventional understanding of fashion.

A Celebration of Armenian Fashion

At its heart, this monumental event is a lively tribute to the Armenian fashion industry, masterfully weaving traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde innovation.

A Leap Towards International Acclaim

Armed with an ambitious vision to become an annual tradition, the Fashion and Design Chamber is resolute in propelling the Armenian fashion industry onto the global stage. For designers, it represents a golden opportunity to debut their newest creations. For us, it’s a chance to plunge into the vibrant world of fashion, uncovering emerging trends and unearthing hidden treasures.

As expressed by the event organizers, “The richness and diversity of Armenian culture and creativity are the cornerstones of this extraordinary event. Get ready to be enthralled by a meticulously curated schedule that assures a memorable experience for all attendees.”

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