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Heron Preston Launches LED Studio

Streetwear designer Heron Preston, long committed to manufacturing in an environmentally “less destructive” way, is materializing his vision with the launch of LED Studio. This venture serves as a platform, community, and innovation center, where Preston can create and collaborate, imbuing his work with environmental and social consciousness.

New Initiatives & Collaborative Projects

To commemorate the studio’s foundation, Preston has unveiled several initiatives, including a clothing donation and recycling program called “Excess”, created in partnership with Goodwill. He also introduces a community-based social network dubbed “World”, and a retail outlet to sell studio products.

A unique collection of one-of-a-kind recycled furniture, born from a collaboration with Brazilian artist Gustavo Barroso, furniture designer Matt Pecina, and Supreme’s custom audio engineer Devon Turnbull, further demonstrates the studio’s commitment to sustainability and creative innovation.

Diversifying Fashion with the HP LED Initiative

Preston is also partnering with the Fashion Scholarship Fund to launch the HP LED Initiative, aimed at fostering diversity in the fashion industry. Preston will open applications and select two recipients to receive $10,000 in financial support, plus mentoring opportunities and internships. Furthermore, a public helpline will be established to offer free guidance and advice to budding creatives.

With LED Studio, Heron Preston combines creativity with a drive for environmental and social awareness, creating a space where design and responsibility coexist harmoniously.

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