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 Gionata Curreri by Oskar Cecere

We can’t deny that one of photographer Oskar Cecere’s (@oskarcecere) great passions is cinema, and on this occasion, he shares with us a shoot inspired by the beauty of one of the stars of classic cinema (and of style too): the iconic French actor Alain Delon.

The photographer captured under his lens the eighteen-year-old model Gionata Curreri (@gionni._) from Special Management (@specialmanagementment) who, according to the photographer and us at the magazine, we can’t deny that he shares a certain resemblance to the actor in terms of beauty and bewitching elegance as we can appreciate in these portrait series captured dans la lumière du soir.

About the shoot, the photographer shared with us:

“I had shot Gionata before and when I decided I wanted to do a story inspired by the french iconic actor, I immediately thought of him. As an 18 years old boy, Gionata had never heard of Alain Delon before, so I showed him some images and video, to which he smiled and said: ok, I see a resemblance here!”

Taking the opportunity, if you haven’t seen some of the films starring this iconic symbol of cinema and fashion, we recommend Rocco and His Brothers, The Leopard, Plein Soleil, and The Yellow Rolls-Royce (just to name a few).

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