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Flower Boy, A Touch of Color by Kyle Fedasiuk

Nursing student and model on the side, Kyle Fedasiuk @the.kyle.high.club has recently started doing self-portraits since COVID hit. “I picked my first camera up when I decided I needed a new hobby,” he says. Even though he’s represented by Willow Scott Modeling Agency @willowscottmodels, he did this shoot entirely on his own.

Fedasiuk wanted this amazing series of self-portraits to paint his own colorful fantasy. “Where I live in Arizona, there is no true Spring season. I wanted the lights and colors in the first part of my editorial to depict green grass and blossoming flowers- things we don’t often get to see where I am from. In the second part of this editorial, I wanted to play with super saturated color and make it look sultry and sexy,” he says.

“This editorial represents my style and passion for florals and colors. I consider myself a very colorful and optimistic person. I wanted the theme of this look to represent that.”

He used his Nikon D5600, two soft box lights, three colored LED panels and a backdrop in order to get the right lighting and scene. He shot it in his garage using a white backdrop and setting up all of the colored lights after turning the garage light off.

In the first set of images, Kyle Fedasiuk was wearing five bouquets of flowers from Trader Joes in the waistline of his jeans, and the jeans were from H&M. In the second part of this editorial he wore a suit jacket and back pleather pants with leather boots. He wanted to symbolize passion in his looks. “I aimed for the images to be sensational and saturated with color. I wanted this concept to be drastic and vibrant.” It turned out pretty amazing and it showcases everything he wanted to accomplish.

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