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FENTY by Rihanna summer releases FENTY by Rihanna summer releases Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


FENTY by Rihanna summer releases

Rihanna’s brand FENTY is releasing a three-part series of products released across the months of June and July to celebrate the irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth.

“Inspired by decades of youth aesthetics and styles that emerged during periods of steep social change, each part of the month-long release celebrates a different facet of youth, expressed through varied style cues.”


These summer releases feature very unique designs with references to the 90s subculture with psychedelic and tie-dye prints, but also baggy rave silhouettes, grunge hoodies and asymmetric dresses.

Rihanna has already shocked the fashion industry with the launching of his very own brand, being the first black woman to head a luxury brand for the LVMH group. Not having enough with being a very successful businesswoman, she has also designed very rare pieces such as dresses with a corset structure, faux leather dresses in various shapes, converting hoodies to dresses, oversized sweaters, denim corset dresses and many other crazy and never-seen-before designs.

FENTY by Rihanna summer releases FENTY by Rihanna summer releases Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

For these summer launches, FENTY is going to divide them in three stages:

  • DROP 1. The first launch will release “understated monochrome daywear” as the website says. Being the calm drop, it will display a casual aesthetic offering a new take on the signature Corset Dress in ultra-soft jersey with XL sleeves, a new power suit, the already seen side-slits denim baggy pants with a re-structured oversized shirt billowing out at the back and the return of the ‘Immigrant’ print T-shirt in a semi-transparent jersey. It will also add white silk drapes across the waist in a bow shape on a dress and shirt with XL sleeves.
  • DROP 2 is “a rush of color, casual cuts and slogans” combining the 90s rave culture with 00s logomania on new era boxy silhouettes, this drop is the most casual launch of these incredible series. Sleeveless hoodies with signature FENTY cut-outs and band-style T-shirts paired with statement thigh-high denim shorts. Prints and slogans build throughout the release, speaking to the upfront, straight-talking culture of youth.
  • DROP 3 is the culminating point of this collection, with climactic psychedelic prints in full flow now as a full-bleed digital print on a stretch jersey. There’s a late 90s undertone to certain silhouettes: a backless top and a one-strap asymmetric dress, all in chiffon. In addition, a new multifunctional fashion jewelry collection is offered. Psyche flower charms made from multicolored resin and strass adorn various lengths of a brass ball chain necklace with gold-tone or palladium finishes.

There is no doubt Rihanna is coming super hard with new designs and it is the best thing in this year. She has a unique touch to every single new design whether it is for clothing or accessories, as she did previously with some crazy sunglasses designs and jewelry.

FENTY by Rihanna summer releases FENTY by Rihanna summer releases Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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