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Eyescapes, Kate Moss’ Merchandise

The British supermodel Kate Moss has launched her first-ever independent merchandise, named Eyescapes, which features a close-up photograph of her iris photographed by Rankin as part of his 2013 Eyescapes series.

“Kate is quite aloof, which makes her even more compelling for the camera. It’s exciting. She can just stare through the lens, and it’s enigmatic and charged.”

Eyescapes, Kate Moss' Merchandise

Moss’ iris is printed in organic pieces that include cotton hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, and totes which are created with a factory in Tiruppur, India, close to the source for the raw material used. In addition, the products will also be sent in recyclable packaging and swing tags, making the launch one hundred percent sustainable.

The polaroids below show the black and white hoodies modeled by Kate and her daughter Lila. The collection is available now at

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