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Dua Lipa Looks Effortless in Givenchy Motomami Inspired Outfit

Dua Lipa takes a trip to Tokyo as a break during her Future Nostalgia tour, and she’s yet to let us forget what a style icon she is. On her IG feed, she recently posted a series of photos in a full Givenchy leather black, red, and white racing fit.

Dua Lipa Looks Effortless in Givenchy Motomami Inspired Outfit Dua Lipa Looks Effortless in Givenchy Motomami Inspired Outfit Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

A black, slightly sheer bodysuit under the set, thick gold chains and earrings, as well as a dark eye shadow with a pop of colour complete the outfit. Let’s not forget her nails, which closely resemble a finish flag sequence. Lipa really knows how to put an outfit together! The outfit has the Givenchy logo embroidered and originates from Givenchy’s resort 2023 menswear collection. Inspired by the renowned pop singer Rosalia, Lipa took the motomami look and gave it a designer feel.


The motomami look has been around for some time but just recently caught public attention again, with artist Rosalia being one of many to embrace the style. Rosalia’s exciting new album, “Motomami,” was released; she stands nude on the album cover with a black helmet, which is her favourite accessory, covering her head. On Rosalia’s Instagram feed, she’s seen holding the album with a black, red, and white Bilt jacket and streaks of scarlet in her hair. If anything screams Motomami, it’s definitely Rosalia and Dua Lipa, who both effortlessly pulled off the edgy, dark look!

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