Devon Aoki stars in Acne Studios' daring love-themed campaign for SS23 Devon Aoki stars in Acne Studios' daring love-themed campaign for SS23 Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Devon Aoki stars in Acne Studios’ daring love-themed campaign for SS23

ACNE STUDIOS @acnestudios, the avant-garde fashion brand, has unveiled its latest campaign for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, featuring the enigmatic model Devon Aoki as its main image. The creative team, led by the style expert Leopold Duchemin @leopolda.duchemin and talented scenographer Sophear Van, have created a campaign that explores the concept of love in an innovative and challenging way.

Playing with the idea of romance archetypes, the campaign presents a distorted interpretation of love. In each image, Devon Aoki defies the conventions of traditional love while enveloped in pink silk sheets and donning a bold red and white gingham set. A flowing sky-blue dress gives the model a celestial beauty.

The casting director was carried out by the visionary team at GK-LD Projects, who discovered the talented Devon Aoki. The renowned hair stylist Olivier Schawalder added a touch of freshness with his perfectly messy hairstyle, while the makeup artist Masae Ito accentuated the model’s natural beauty with subtle makeup. And expert manicurist Yvett G. created a bold and striking effect on Devon Aoki’s nails.

The ACNE STUDIOS campaign is a celebration of love in all its forms, breaking barriers and challenging conventions. A true masterpiece of fashion that awakens creativity and imagination in each of us.

Photographer: @CarlijnJacobs
Stylist: @Leopolda.Duchemin
Hair: @OlivierSchawalder
Make-Up: @Masae__Ito
Set Design: @Sophear_Van
Casting: @Gkldprojects
Nails: @Yvett_G

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