CELINE Brings Indieness Back into Vogue: Hedi Slimane's Winter 2023 Masterpiece CELINE Brings Indieness Back into Vogue: Hedi Slimane's Winter 2023 Masterpiece Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

CELINE Brings Indieness Back into Vogue: Hedi Slimane’s Winter 2023 Masterpiece

At The Wiltern, A Glorious Homage to the Indie Sleaze Aesthetic

In the heart of Los Angeles, Hedi Slimane ushers us into an “Age of Indieness,” propelling his signature rock design philosophy for CELINE into the realm of the ’90s and early 2000s indie sleaze. The legendary Wiltern, an art deco cinema turned musical mecca, serves as the backdrop for this spectacular runway show. Once graced by icons such as Prince, The Rolling Stones, and Amy Winehouse, The Wiltern now hosts Slimane’s eclectic ensemble of live performers, including Iggy Pop and The Strokes.

Amid the blurring boundaries of men’s and women’s fashion, CELINE’s Winter 2023 collection confidently treads the co-ed path, bringing forth an inclusive, genre-defying wardrobe for the modern era. The show springs to life against the pulsating beat of “Hello Operator,” by The White Stripes, setting an aptly indie tone. The collection reinvents the indie sleaze aesthetic, transforming it into an ultra-luxurious embodiment of high fashion.

The Splendid Art of Tailoring Reimagined

Slimane places tailoring at the forefront, commencing with an impeccably cut suit adorned with gold buttons, encapsulating the quintessence of indieness. The runway buzzes with bohemian fringed accessories, slouchy leather bags, and riding boots, epitomizing an off-duty rock star’s elegance. Faux fur jackets, glittering gold feathers, impossibly skinny jeans, and tight leather pants cement Slimane’s vision of opulence and volume.

Menswear Takes the Center Stage

Slimane’s Winter 2023 menswear line flawlessly captures the indie sleaze zeitgeist. A regal red blazer accented with gold trim embodies a rock ‘n’ roll royalty vibe, evoking Freddy Mercury’s flamboyant style. Loose ties worn on casually unbuttoned white shirts under checkered car coats exude a Northern British indie rock aesthetic, reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and early Oasis.

Homages to Prince emerge in a sharp, black power suit paired with high-heeled black leather boots. A preppy theme materializes in leather teddy bomber jackets, cigarette-tailored trousers, and polished brown pointed boots. Silver-trimmed sparkling suits and sheer tops adorned with bow ties and ruffles exemplify the high drama of stage performance. A golden lamé suit completes the collection, reinforcing Slimane’s predilection for rock star glamour.

Summing It Up: Slimane’s Strong Identity Shines Through

CELINE’s Winter 2023 collection brings to life everything Slimane is known for, flaunting a strong identity that has navigated him successfully from one fashion house to another. This season only serves to amplify his genius, presenting a masterclass in the art of high-fashion tailoring and design. Immerse yourself in the collection above, a testament to Slimane’s dedication to luxury and innovation.

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