Casablanca Paris Leaps into AI with 'Futuro Optimisto' SS23 Campaign Casablanca Paris Leaps into AI with 'Futuro Optimisto' SS23 Campaign Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Casablanca Paris Leaps into AI with ‘Futuro Optimisto’ SS23 Campaign

In a bold new move, Casablanca Paris has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, ‘Futuro Optimisto,’ marking the brand’s venture into the world of artificial intelligence.

Collaborating with AI Artist Luke Nugent

In a creative partnership with British photographer and AI artist Luke Nugent, the campaign marries the artistic elements of AI and photography. The resultant images intriguingly blur the boundaries between reality and dream, providing viewers with a mesmerizing blend of genuine and imagined worlds.

Bridging the Gap through AI

Through advanced AI software, elements like composition, environment, characters, and narratives are meticulously layered, creating a seamless fusion of real and artificial elements. Under the careful guidance of Casablanca’s Creative Director, Charaf Tajer, a skilled team of stylists, assistants, photographers, set designers, art directors, and lighting experts enlivens the collection’s unique color palette, upbeat outlook, and enthralling psychedelic space cowboy motifs.

Though each image within the SS23 campaign is diverse in character and depth, they all connect the splendor of nature with the limitless possibilities of progressive technology, symbolizing an AI-powered world driven by the core of human emotion.

  • Creative Direction: Charaf Tajer (@charaftajer)
  • Art Direction: Steve Grimes (@steviegrimes) & Sid Oudainia Beaulieu (@sidoudainiabeaulieu)
  • Photography & AI generation: Luke Nugent (@lukenugentstudio)
  • Stylist: Helena Tejedor (@helenatejedor)
  • Retouching: Steve Grimes (@steviegrimes)
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