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Carla Woodcock: Tell Me Everything

Carla Woodcock brings to life the jovial Zia in Tell Me everything, the latest coming-to-an-age British series that explores the depths of mental health among current youth.

By the way, pay attention to this: in a world where young people hide most of their thoughts, Tell Me Everything is a show that speaks out loud about all the things we commonly do not say. Therefore, we did not want to miss the opportunity to have this conversation with Carla Woodcock, in which we could talk about her career, her new teen show, mental health, and so much more.

So, we invite you to keep reading this earnest interview exclusively for Vanity Teen.

Carla Woodcock: Tell Me Everything
Carla Woodcock @carlawoodcock | Photographer: Pip @bypip | HMU: Charlotte Yeomans @charlotteyeomansmakeup | Styling: Julia Harvey @julialoui

The arts in times of crisis

JV: What excites you the most about being an actress?

CW: So much! it’s hard to pick just one thing. I think probably the transformative side of it- leaving who you are and your life at the door and entering someone else’s reality. No audition is ever the same, and no character is either. Playing different characters allows me to explore sides of myself I never even realized I had.

JV: When you decided to pursue a career in scenic arts, did you receive support from your family? How was that moment in your life?

CW: Luckily my family is really supportive. We’re all quite creative. My mum is an art teacher, so she’s never doubted the importance of the arts. She was actually the one who recognized how much I enjoyed performing and pushed me to pursue it as a career. She’s always encouraged my sister and me to be whoever we want and do whatever we want. My mum will always be the first person I call whenever I book a job.

JV: The last two years have proved people need and feel better with arts and entertainment. How do you feel knowing you are part of a community of actors and that there are people who appreciate your job?

CW: I feel really fortunate. I’ve worked with so many actors who have inspired me and have become some of my best friends. This industry is a hard one to be in. So, it’s nice to have people around you who can understand what you’re going through when things might not go your way.

We’ll always need the arts in times of crisis. Not only does it help people feel better, but it can also provide a social commentary which I think is really important too. I feel like as the world is changing and we’re dealing with the fallout of the past few years, the arts help us reflect on what we’ve all been through together.

Carla Woodcock
Carla Woodcock | Photographer: Pip | HMU: Charlotte Yeomans | Styling: Julia Harvey

Tell Me Everything

JV: Free Rein was your first big project but also was a hit with audiences. So, how do you remember that experience?

CW: Free Rein was the first job I ever booked! It was actually the first thing I ever auditioned for, so as you can imagine, it was a crazy whirlwind experience. Since then, I feel like I’ve grown so much as an actor and a person. After filming, I took the time to learn the craft and what acting means to me. I’ll always be so grateful for the opportunity and for the people that took a chance on me. It really did change my life.

JV: Tell Me Everything has now become part of our lives. What can you tell us about this project?

CW: Tell Me Everything is a coming-of-age drama that follows a group of teenagers who are growing up and finding out who they are and who they want to be. It deals with mental health, loss, and love in this social media age. I play Zia, initially seen as a cool girl and an up-and-coming influencer, but as you get to know her, you see that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Mark O’ Sullivan, our writer, has created something really special. Tell Me Everything is witty and funny, but it also deals with heavier moments with sensitivity and brutal honesty.

JV: How was the filming experience of Tell Me Everything? Did you know your cast partners? How is your relationship with them now?

CW: It was so much fun! None of us had met each other before we were cast. We auditioned in 2021 when there were still a lot of COVID regulations, so we didn’t even get to meet during the audition process for chemistry reads. Luckily though, we all kind of clicked and got on straight away. We hung out off set too. We ate a lot of South-African fast food! Nothing can bond a group together better than a shared love for peri-salted chips.

We all still keep in touch. I went to Greece a couple of months ago with Lauryn (Ajufo) and Callina (Liang). I definitely feel like I’ve made friends for life.

Carla Woodcock; Tell Me Everything
Tell Me Everything cast | © ITVX

Time to heal and grow

JV: Tell Me Everything also depicts mental health among young people. Therefore, how do you preserve your mental health?

CW: For me, I need to move. I need to get out of the house and go for a walk or workout. I’m a huge overthinker, so sitting at home and stewing in my thoughts just leaves me to spiral. I talk to my friends a lot too. They always know how to get me out of my head and cheer me up.

JV: What can you share with us about your other upcoming projects?

CW: I can’t share too much at the moment! But I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings.

JV: Which words would you like to share with those who might be having difficult times nowadays?

CW: I saw a really lovely quote the other day: ‘sometimes when you are in a dark place, you think you are being buried, but actually, you’ve just been planted.’ From darkness always comes light! You just have to give yourself time to heal and grow. It gets better, I promise.

JV: Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Vanity Teen?

CW: Thank you for having me! Go stream Tell Me Everything on ITVX. I feel really proud of this project, and I hope it helps people feel less alone in what they might be going through.

Carla Woodcock – Tell Me Everything
Carla Woodcock | Photographer: Pip | HMU: Charlotte Yeomans | Styling: Julia Harvey

Before we go

While watching Tell Me Everything, one of the things that kept coming to my mind was the following question: Are we fine when people ask, and we then tell them that everything is OK? Maybe we are well, or we may not, but it is good to think about it from time to time. Nonetheless, the good news is something miss Carla Woodcock reminded us of: sometimes we only need to get out of our heads and know there is time to heal and grow, and that time comes to us all.

So, I am glad that artists like her enlighten us with her smile, a joyful gesture coming from within her soul to reach us with amicability and charm.

You can stream Tell Me Everything right now, and if you want to keep knowing more about Carla Woodcock, you can follow her on social media @carlawoodcock.


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