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BOY DE CHANEL, the makeup and skincare line for men

Chanel Beauty has recently launched a new collection of skincare and makeup for men named Boy de Chanel with a very interesting campaign. This collection, which includes three products, stands up for makeup for men, stating that “Beauty is about style” and that “It knows no gender”

Beauty is about style. It knows no gender. So you can Be Only You.

Boy de Chanel Vanity Teen

Introducing a male foundation (as well as a concealer stick) to “brighten skin with an imperceptible lightweight complexion enhancer” with an imperceptible lightweight formula, comfortable and easy-to-use, the fresh, the fluid formula glides on effortlessly, leaving skin unified and hydrated, providing invisible coverage and visible results that last morning through to night; an eyebrow pencil to “easily shade and define brows for a natural look”, it features a pencil on one end to shade and define, and a spiral brush on the other end to groom brows, whose comfortable, waterproof formula lasts for 8 hours; and a lip balm to “smooth and hydrate lips for a natural-looking result” with a transparent, non-shiny formula which nourishes lips for over 8 hours. The balm cannot be seen, only the results.

These are the “three imperceptible, easy-to-use products” Chanel Beauty shows, as well as a skincare routine with previously released products.

CHANEL creates a new line of makeup for men. Three imperceptible, easy-to-use products in midnight-blue packaging for brighter skin, defined brows, and smooth lips.

However, Chanel Beauty brings more than just these three products. They have also launched a nail polish named Le Vernis in two matte colors: black and white or ‘natural’, claimed to be easy to apply and quick drying; and the 3-in-1 eye pencil an easy-to-use pen format to emphasize, shade and intensify the eyes. It has three application options that offer three possible effects: as a kohl along the bottom lash-line, as an eyeliner along the upper lash-line or as an eyeshadow. It’s supposed to have a long-lasting 12-hour glide-on formula which also provides an ultra-matte finish. It comes in three colors: navy, brown and black.

It could be said that the three first products are suitable for any man who wants to look flawless but without people noticing that they are wearing makeup. On the other hand, these two last products are aimed to bolder people who want to try something new and different, who are comfortable wearing makeup and maybe start breaking the conservative ideas surrounding makeup and men.

The best part of this launch is that Chanel Beauty is aiming at a very specific and traditional target trying to break the prejudices about men wearing makeup. They are introducing these products as additional steps of a common skincare routine, thus changing a little bit the meaning of makeup for people to see it differently and captivating their target’s attention. Let’s not forget this brand’s main target because it is who defines these products, so we don’t really expect to see colorful eyeshadows or really bold nail polish colors for men. However, Chanel Beauty is doing amazing with this new collection!

For more specific information about the products and prices visit Chanel Beauty’s website.

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