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Bottega Veneta’s Summer 2024 Campaign

Following its recent achievement of ranking in the top five of Lyst’s list of the hottest brands for the last four months of 2023, Bottega Veneta, under the creative direction of Matthieu Blazy, has launched its Summer 2024 advertising campaign and accompanying collection.

This collection sees the Italian fashion house broadening its scope from an Italian trilogy to a global tapestry of references and inspirations, both from the natural world and human creativity. The line showcases everything from meticulously tailored garments and innovatively shaped coats to classic shirts and avant-garde trouser skirts. BV celebrates the joy of dressing, the freedom to embody any identity, and the adventure of traversing both the imagination and the globe.

For this campaign, the team embarked on a journey to Tokyo, capturing the essence of the collection in various dynamic settings. The campaign was photographed by Alec Soth, who aimed to infuse the imagery with energy, imagination, and playfulness. Reflecting on his involvement, Soth remarked, “Encountering Matthieu’s work transports me into two worlds simultaneously: one deeply rooted in tactile craftsmanship that stimulates all the senses, and another that ventures into the realm of dreams. My approach to the campaign was anchored in playfulness, with playgrounds serving as a metaphor for Matthieu’s whimsical creativity. My goal was to imbue my photographs with a spirit of colorful serendipity.”

Matthieu Blazy added, “This collection is an Odyssey: a journey marked by freedom and hope. Playgrounds are quintessential spaces of liberty, joy, experimentation, and discovery, where personal adventures can be invented, risks taken, and new facets of oneself explored.”

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