Bold Brews and Exclusive Threads: sacai & Blue Bottle Coffee Unveil Limited Edition City Series Bold Brews and Exclusive Threads: sacai & Blue Bottle Coffee Unveil Limited Edition City Series Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Bold Brews and Exclusive Threads: sacai & Blue Bottle Coffee Unveil Limited Edition City Series

Trendsetting Fusion: Discover the Coffee Station and Limited Apparel Collection for a Burst of Summer Fun

H2: Unveiling a Unique Collaboration

The city series is going live, and sacai is teaming up with Blue Bottle Coffee to bring about an exciting mini coffee station. Available from August 1st through 7th, this partnership guarantees to serve up summer’s most refreshing experience.

H2: A Celebration of Fashion and Coffee Culture

Embodying a perfect blend of fashion and coffee culture, sacai has collaborated with Blue Bottle Coffee. The stage is set in front of the newly launched sacai store in Taikoo Li, Qiantan, Shanghai. This collaboration is a celebration of the opening of the brand-new sacai store and the official debut of the limited city series.

When Design Philosophy Meets Creative Fusion

Both sacai and Blue Bottle Coffee have made impressive strides in their respective fields of apparel and coffee. The creative fusion design of Blue Bottle Coffee beautifully complements sacai’s unique design philosophy. Building upon their previous successful collaboration in Tokyo, they now introduce a mini coffee station.

The Exclusive Blue Bottle Coffee Special

This mini coffee station features the iconic logo elements of both brands in a minimalist design. The Blue Bottle coffee special – a limited-time drink for sacai—blueberry cold brew sparkling water, is made from fresh blueberries. Crafted with a base syrup and refreshing cold coffee, adorned with champagne vinegar and colorful flowers, it offers a rich taste and visual appeal.

The Limited-Time Event Details

This mini coffee station event is limited to seven days, from August 1st to 7th. The operating hours are 15:00 to 20:00 every day. Please refer to the event site for details on the drink exchange mechanism, which operates on a daily basis.

Celebrating with Exclusive City-Limited T-shirts

To commemorate the opening of two new Sacai stores in Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai, and MixC Shenzhen Bay this year, exclusive city-limited t-shirts have been launched. Each store has black and white shirts available, featuring city names in various colors printed on the front. “Shanghai”, “Shenzhen”, and sacai are printed in reverse on the back.

The Unveiling of Sacai’s Unique Artistic Style

The city-limited series launched this time maintains Sacai’s unique artistic style of mix and match. Embrace this summer with a refreshing Blue Bottle coffee and the exclusive sacai city-limited series. Hurry, it’s a limited-time offering!

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