BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer

Bluemarble is one of our favorite fashion brands due to its social awareness, environmental commitment, and amazing pieces.

This year, during Paris Fashion Week, Bluemarble could come back to live shows with face-to-face audiences, and we did not miss the opportunity to talk to Anthony Alvarez, the founder and creative director of this menswear brand. Thus, before September ends, we bring you this exclusive interview for all of you to get inspired, enjoy their SS22 collection, and celebrate that Bluemarble has transformed creative patterns, stripes,  rainbow colors, sustainability, and diversity into the best of summer.

The different horizons of Bluemarble

VT: Since its creation, Bluemarble has represented youth, multicultural diversity, and an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Do you consider those values are part of who you are and the ways you were raised?

AA: I grew up with those values through my family and my friends coming from many different horizons.

Bluemarble is the name that received the first picture of the earth in its entirety. It is that perspective of seeing a beautiful blue and green globe where all the continents were connected that lent the brand its name and set its values.

VT: Why nature and places like the Siargao archipelago are important in your creative process?

AA: Extreme sports and nature, which can be mountain biking in a forest near Paris or surfing Cloud Nine in Siargao, allow me to clear my head and create space to get inspired.

 VT: What can you tell us about the fabrics you use for your collections and the environmental commitments of Bluemarble?

AA: We use mostly used stock fabrics already available for this collection, and also several fabrics I have collected over the years from my trips to the Philippines.

It is also so important for me that the clothes last several years. We work very hard to ensure that through the quality of each garment.

BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer

VT: Let us talk about your SS22 Collection.  Paris Fashion Week was a success, and you finally could present a physical show. How was that experience after long months of uncertainty?

AA: It was truly amazing to be able to share that energy with friends and people that have been following us. I wanted a physical event where people can appreciate the clothes, the casting, the music, the location.

For me, this collection needed to be celebrated live.

BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer BLUEMARBLE: the best of summer Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Anthony Alvarez during the presentation of the Bluemarble SS22 collection in Paris Fashion Week | ©Bluemarble

VT: There are beautiful images of you doing the runway walk surrounded by people on both sides during your show at this Paris Fashion Week. When I think about your face doing that walk, I see gratitude and joy; but, do you remember what was in your mind at that moment?

AA: A firework of emotions and memories. I thought about my grandmother that passed away a few months ago; I was close to her. I think she was proud of me.

VT: I love the prints and patterns you used for this collection. Could you share with us a little about them and the materials you chose to work with for the SS22 Collection?

AA: One of my favorite prints from the collection is the “Souvenir merchant” print, in which we find many items we collect and that are sold on beaches: bracelets,  beads, volleyballs, and lighters.

We print this on silk shirts, viscose baggy pants, and shorts.

VT: We also can see skate sneakers in this collection; I love them all! So, please, tell us more about this new addition to the BLUEMARBLE fashion experience?

AA: Yes! I imagined this sneaker as a hybrid between a skate and surf shoe, two of my passions.

I also love animal prints which I integrated into several of them!

Never give up!

VT: Will BLUEMARBLE keep embracing diversity and positivity with every collection?

AA: Those are my values and one of the most important messages that Bluemarble wants to project.

VT: It seems like, finally, we are looking at brighter days to come after all that happened last year; but, which words would you like to share with those who still are having bad times trying to start things over?

AA: Keep your vision strong and stay audacious; the universe will reward you.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

AA: Perseverance and determination are so important. Never give up!

Before we go

On Vanity Teen, we are always pleased to see how brands like Bluemarble work hard to give fashion the best name possible and set diversity, representation, high quality, and sustainability as their values. Let us hope those bright colors and gorgeous patterns presented in their SS22 collection be the sign of a brighter future for all of us.

Therefore, let us love and be diverse as we cherish Bluemarble and the best of summer.

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