BLACKPINK's Jennie Opens Up About Career Challenges and Growth on Dua Lipa's Podcast BLACKPINK's Jennie Opens Up About Career Challenges and Growth on Dua Lipa's Podcast Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Opens Up About Career Challenges and Growth on Dua Lipa’s Podcast

The K-Pop sensation shares insights about her acting career, musical performances, and navigating the music industry’s expectations and pressures.

Jennie’s Take on Her Acting Career and Music Performances

Jennie, a member of the popular girl group BLACKPINK, was recently a guest on the third episode of BBC’s podcast “At Your Service,” hosted by Dua Lipa. She shared insights into her acting career, including her portrayal of “Dyanne” in “The Idol,” her crossover into drama, and her glamorous performances at the Coachella Music Festival. She also discussed the issues and growth she has experienced in rapping and even addressed the increasingly heated controversy around “paddling in the water,” thoroughly dissecting the differences between the Western music scene and K-Pop culture.

On Personal Struggles and Pressures

During the 40-minute episode, Jennie admitted that she often hurts herself more than other girls, whether in performance or life. When dancing, she always thinks about how to use her strength to achieve the best, but not how to dance well while protecting her body, which makes her feel overwhelmed and stressed. At times, she feels like she’s not giving her all and disappointing fans, but she is still struggling with the right way to control her body – for example, she finds it very hard to dance in high heels. Jennie, jokingly, confessed that she is the smallest member of the group, but is not good at wearing high heels. Dua Lipa encouraged her, saying: “After all, not everyone knows what happens behind the scenes. I’m glad that you’re willing to share and understand what you really need, and for a great show, you’ve done an amazing job, you haven’t disappointed anyone.”

Jennie’s Initial Debut and Personal Growth

Jennie also mentioned that her initial debut as a K-Pop artist was restricted in many ways. Not only was she constrained by the idol ecosystem, but she was also scared to express herself. Even singing BLACKPINK’s song “Tally” (whose lyrics contain explicit language), she lacked the confidence to sing out loud. Over time, she hopes that when she expresses herself, people can see it as something that is pushing boundaries, rather than feeling she is doing something she is not allowed to do. For the full content, head over to Spotify to listen to the complete podcast episode.

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