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Bigger Than My Body by Ryan Barhaug

Photographer Ryan Barhaug @kvnty worked with the gorgeous models Anthony G @anthonycagala and Brady R @brady_rider to present this fashion editorial named Bigger Than My Body and exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

This shoot was inspired by the iconic Calvin Klein ads of the 90’s but with a current take. “We wanted to highlight an LGBT version of those advertisements,” says the photographer. “The mood board was a series of images I’ve been finding on tumblr of the human body photographed tastefully for artistic purposes. The end result
always turns out differently than the original idea.”

The equipment used was a Canon 5D Mark iii, a grey backdrop and stand, and a
single strobe with diffuser. It was shot at the photographer’s condo located in Chicago, IL.

“A quote I would add is from a Maggie Rogers song “I’m bigger than my body”
referring to everything that goes on in an artists brain. For me this is about
translating ideas into reality. It’s also a reference to the shoot being about more
than just attractive naked people but about the lighting, their expressions, the
shapes their bodies make.”

“The models felt a mix of comfort and shyness. I myself and Brady have worked
together before and have done a nude shoot. He is very comfortable in his skin.
It was our first time meeting Anthony though, so we made sure to talk and get
to know one another before shooting.”

Models Anthony G @anthonycagala and Brady R @brady_rider photographed by Ryan Barhaug @kvnty, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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