Armani Cancels Men’s & Couture Shows Due to Covid-19

On Tuesday, January 04, Armani announced the cancellation of its January fashion shows for Milan men’s Fashion Week in Milan and Haute Couture in Paris due to the increase of Covid-19 cases in Europe.

Through a statement, the Italian luxury house announced that “This decision was made with great regret and following careful reflection in light of the worsening epidemiological situation,”

The Italian luxury house is the first to pull out of Milan men’s Fashion Week, which originally planned its shows for Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani for January 15 and 17 respectively. In the case of Giorgio Armani Privé, its participation during Paris Haute Couture Week was scheduled for January 25.

“As the designer has expressed on many occasions, the shows are crucial and irreplaceable occasions but the health and safety of both employees and the public must once again take priority,” the statement continued.

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