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Anastasia: beauty is in everyone

You may know Anastasia for her makeup tutorials and the amazing transformations she shares on social media from time to time, but guess what? It is time for us to know a more personal side of her, so come to know her better in this intimate conversation we had for Vanity Teen.

Just let me tell you that her message is clear: beauty is in everyone! Therefore, keep reading to find new ways to find where your beauty lies and make the world see the better version of yourself.

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Beauty is in everyone

JV: Who is Anastasia? What would you like to share about your origins and the girl who lives a regular life when the cameras are off?

Anastasia: I was born in Russia, but I’ve been traveling most of the time between different countries, such as Ukraine, Europe, and Armenia. Right now, I am moving again to grow my business and my family.

My family is the most important thing to me, and all the decisions I currently make are to build up my and their future. I am married, and I have a son who is two years old, so basically, when the cameras are off, I’m the “regular mum,” and I spend my time with my greatest gift.

JV: Most people consider you a beauty influencer, so how would you define beauty?

Anastasia: When I was younger, I was used to associating beauty with the “standards” and specific to the beauty communicated by the Hollywood stars. Over the years, I have realized more and more that beauty is in everyone and that I have to love myself for who I am, with or without makeup. After all, uniqueness is more important than conformity to standards, and perfection is just a point of view.

JV: What are the most simple things that make you feel pretty and empowered?

Anastasia: Being a woman and being able to be a mum. Also, doing what I love and having my own business. According to a lot of people I know, running a career is a “full-time endeavor,” while I find my “balance” and my “power” to navigate both my job and my family. My family is honestly the real reason behind it. Every morning feeding and cuddling my son makes me feel pretty and woman.

Anastasia @anastasile | courtesy

All I think about

JV: Since you are a professional in video editing, do you consider formal education has helped you to become a better person?

Anastasia: Sure, my Bachelor’s degree is in 3D animation, and VFX was super helpful because it taught me editing, lighting, composition, colors, and directing videos. So, yes, I am the camera director behind all my content.

JV: What are you working on right now?

Anastasia:  Right now, I am working on my new digital and Web3 project, which will help other creators all over the globe to upgrade their visual content.

JV: Which other plans do you have coming up?

Anastasia: Developing my career and moving with my family is all I think about now. Once I settle down, I will start my new projects, a personal brand and content extension, continuing in the fashion category.

Anastasia @anastasile | courtesy

Go for your dreams

JV: Social media have its ups and downs. How do you handle staying with both feet on earth despite all the many things people say over there?

Anastasia: Well, thanks to my family and my life behind the cameras, I can put boundaries to social media. I’m somewhat lucky because when it comes to comments on social media, most of my followers write positive comments, so I’m trying to focus on them and ignore people who try to hurt me.

Social media are my way to connect, so I want to use them to tell my story and spread positive messages for the community.

JV: How do you take care of yourself and your mental health?

Anastasia: When you are a full-time blogger, it is good to take some days off because you are always available online. That is why I always try to schedule my work and content and separate work days and weekends with my family to recharge and rest.

JV: Which is your message for all those young people who want to find their inner beauty?

Anastasia: Often, young girls and boys try to fit standards and follow trends trying to be someone else. From my perspective, you only need to try to be the best version of yourself. The most important thing is to be liked by yourself and not by others. As soon as I started doing what I wanted and how I wanted it without looking back at others, I immediately began to grow because I was unique. That’s the key!

JV: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

I would adore adding, for all women, that all of us should overcome the challenges of being successful mothers and businesswomen to follow our dreams.

In the age of the Internet and social media, you have an opportunity, and by working hard, you can become successful in any field. I started making money on my blog only after two years of trying hard, working, and improving my skills, and today, thanks to social media, I do what I love, and I can work hard, so don’t give up, and go for your dreams.

Anastasia @anastasile | courtesy

Before we go

I am glad to say that one of the most lovable aspects of Anastasia is how she reminds us that simple things we cultivate every day, like family and our passions, can be like seeds of joy that make us even more beautiful people.

Makeup can help you feel empowered and in a good mood, but striving for your happiness and the well-being of those you love is sublimer than anything else.

Anastasia will continue sharing all her love and tutorials. So you can follow her on social media @anastasile. Finally, let us remember her message, stay focused on the positive, work hard, and go for our dreams because there is beauty in everyone.


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