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Alonso by Fede Delibes

Photographer Fede Delibes @fededelibes, who has worked with very important names in the fashion industry such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera, ICON, Harpers Bazaar, or Vogue, and who was assisted by Bosco @gboscoo, presents this very beautiful fashion editorial with the handsome model Alonso @alonsoarizbol exclusive created for Vanity Teen online!

This editorial is part of a bigger project named “chicos guapos at home”, a portraiture series aimed at showing portraits of beautiful boys at home. The main idea for this series of portraits is to photograph beautiful boys as they are, without any type of artifacts or fashion elements. Just the model in front of the camera to just focus on him.

For this shoot, the photographer used two analog cameras and a beautiful natural light inside of a house that gives that feeling of intimacy and that follows the project’s main idea. They used a black cloth for some of the shots, and it looks amazing because it creates a contrast between the model’s body and the sunlight that touches his body.

The photographer is especially interested in portraying young people and their youthful spirit. He is attracted to the beauty that exists in the daily moments of life. That is why he has created this project, to show the youth, the energy, and the vitality of young and gorgeous models.

Alonso wears a very simple styling as the photographer likes to focus just on the model, without the need to use any type of complex styling because that would change the project’s philosophy and it would eclipse the model’s beauty. That is why the model is only wearing a pair of jeans and the super sexy Calvin Klein underwear as well as Emidio Tuchi pieces.

“He was very tense because it was his first time working as a model, but he started to feel comfortable as we were working,” says the photographer. They have created a very beautiful editorial, with amazing lighting and coloring, with a retro and vintage style that we love, showing the youthful energy and the confidence we love!

Model Alonso @alonsoarizbol photographed by Fede Delibes @fededelibes assisted by Bosco @gboscoo, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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