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AJOBYAJO Fall Winter 2020 “Your Mistake is My Future ” collection

Director AJO STUDIO @ajo_ajobyajo_official Video: SES @sunday_seoul Photo: SES @sunday_seoul Music: Kim Gerji @kimgerji / Kim Seong Yun @musicbykimseongyun Model: Park Min Keun @archiv_e___ / Gim Geumone @gimgeumone / MUIL @artsycohead / Kim Ki Cheon @otter__kim / Kim Seong Joo @seongjookim_ Design: Kim Shin Hye @safarisula / Jo Ga Young @micromegas7 / Yoo Mung Hwan @have_goodtime / Body5il @body5il / Son Hyun Joo @a__perfect__world Special Thanks to: Lee Do Woo @happyswl1234 / Manoah House @manoah_seoul

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