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A Look At The Viral MSCHF Big Red Boots

The big red boots by MSCHF (pronounced Mischief) seem to be all over social media, with prevalent celebrities like Coi Leray seen wearing the striking boots. The viral red boot is undoubtedly a statement piece, described as “cartoon boots for a cool 3D world” by MSCHF on their product website.

MSCHF’s New Red Boots

The big red boots are made of TPU rubber, and visually, they have a distinctive rounded silhouette with no other notable designs or patterns, enhancing the cartoon look of the shoes. With a bright red colour, the boots certainly stand out.

The shoe’s overall silhouette and colouring were inspired by cartoons, with many pointing out the resemblance of the shoes to the red boots in the Japanese animation “Astro Boy.”

The boots will be available online on mschf.com on February 16 at a retail price of $350.

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