"A Day in the Life of Léna": Herve Mouyal's Lens Captures Authenticity in Paris "A Day in the Life of Léna": Herve Mouyal's Lens Captures Authenticity in Paris Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“A Day in the Life of Léna”: Herve Mouyal’s Lens Captures Authenticity in Paris

In Herve Mouyal’s latest photographic editorial, an evocative visual narrative unfolds a day in the life of Léna, a young Parisian. Eschewing traditional beauty standards, Mouyal sought to capture Léna’s most authentic self, depicting her “au naturel” and challenging societal norms.

Mouyal aimed to portray Léna in her natural state, amidst her everyday life. Amidst a culture obsessed with perpetual perfection and happiness, Mouyal’s work stands out, emphasizing the beauty in authenticity. He illustrates that it’s perfectly acceptable not to always be smiling or pretending.

Photographic Approach: For this project, Herve Mouyal chose his trusty Sony Alpha 7 III and a Sony 24-105mm lens. This combination is particularly suited to his style, allowing him to capture spontaneous moments without encroaching on Léna’s space. While a mood board served as a preliminary guide, Mouyal relied on his instinct to select the most impactful shots, both during and after the shoot.

Significance of the Setting: Conducting the shoot in Léna’s apartment was a deliberate choice to enhance realism. This intimate setting enabled Léna to be more natural and authentic, adding a layer of genuineness to each photograph.

Artistic Influences and Post-Production: Mouyal drew inspiration from Kate Moss’s photography for this editorial. He aimed to show Léna in different daily scenarios, actively defying conventional beauty standards. In post-production, Mouyal chose a predominantly cold color scheme, adding warmth to the final images to symbolize Léna’s transition as she prepares to confront the outside world.

Collaboration and Vision: The collaboration between Herve Mouyal and Léna was instrumental in shaping the project. Having previously worked together, Léna approached Mouyal with a concept that resonated with him. Their joint efforts on the mood board and utilization of natural light in Léna’s apartment profoundly influenced the editorial’s artistic direction.



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