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4 Netflix Movies and Series to Watch This Halloween!

Are you excited about Halloween? It is officially that time of the year again when it gets dark early and the brown leaves cascade down into a beautiful layer of autumn foliage on the ground. Some people are out picking pumpkins for decoration. Others are thinking about outfits they would wear for Halloween this year. Meanwhile, the rest of us are watching films and series bound to get us into the Halloween spirit! Today’s article will include a short list of 4 movies or series to watch as we get closer to Halloween. Maybe you are an avid horror film watcher, or perhaps you only watch horror movies around fall, either way, stick around!

(1) Monster House

First and foremost, we have the nostalgic, classic, and family-friendly movie Monster House on Netflix. Monster House is an animated movie that came out in 2006 and is a brilliant classic (many of us watched it when we were younger) to watch this Halloween. The story follows three teenagers discovering that their scary neighbor’s house is eerily alive. After DJ and his friend Chowder lose Chowder’s newly bought basketball to their neighbor’s haunted house, they team up with Jenny and seek to explore and destroy the house before it proves disastrous this Halloween. This movie undoubtedly keeps you on your toes, you never really know what happens next!

(2) Sinister

Next up is this 2012 American horror film on Netflix called Sinister. The movie follows Ellison Oswalt, a struggling true-crime reporter, who moves his unwitting family into their new home where a murder occurred a few years ago. Within the house, he finds a box of videotapes illustrating the gruesome murders that occurred. Unbeknownst, his obsession with unearthing the mystery murders puts him and his family in greave and unimaginable danger. This movie was inspired by the movie The Ring (2002) so if you were a fan of that you should like this!

(3) The haunting of hill house

The Haunting of Hill House (2018) is a mini-TV series on Netflix. This American supernatural horror series adheres to an alternating plotline that rarely leaves you bored. It focuses on a frail family who moved into Hill House with an eagerness to renovate their new home, after horrifying events and paranormal activity, the family flees. Twenty-six years later, they travel back to their childhood house to confront the haunting experiences (physical and mental) that they experienced and that essentially drove them away from the mansion. (If you enjoy psychological thrillers this one is for you!).

4) Sleepy Hollow

Lastly, Sleepy Hollow is a gothic horror film directed by Tim Burton. He is most famously known for being the creator of the stop-motion animation, The nightmare before Christmas and as the director of Corpse Bride. The movie is loosely based on the 1820s short story ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ and stars Johnny Depp as the main lead (Ichabod Dane). The story occurs in the 18th century and follows the police detective Ichabod Dane. Dane is sent to a small town called Sleepy Hollow to investigate the series of murders of the three most notable men in town. Supposedly, the town villagers suspect the murders to be from the legends of the ghost of The Headless Horseman. Dane refuses to believe the tales and casts them aside as a myth. Only after he deepens his investigation does he encounter The Headless Horseman, making him question his faith in logic. Unbeknownst to him, The Headless Horseman is being controlled by a malicious person with a pernicious plan. If you enjoy Tim Burton’s animated movies’ check this one out

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