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Moncler presents 2 Moncler 1952 for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, designed by Sergio Zambon reinterpreting the brand’s classics adding references to the French alps as well as to the shores of Cape Cod.

The designs are personified by hybrid archetypes from the neo-hippie to the weekend hiker, or even the casual gardener adding refined cargo silhouettes and print mountain florals, realist alpine photo prints, and the geographic and altitude coordinates of Moncler’s birthplace: Monestier-de-Clermont. The different fabrics used also play an important role in this collection as they create a tonal interplay of protective transparency, creating X-ray effects against the flat, opaque textures of ‘chambray’ cotton nylon, matte bonded cotton, and the unmistakable luster of nylon laqué.

Such pragmatic design solutions mingle with fluid fashion expressions, from apron shorts and gardening dungarees to square retro eyewear, leafy muslin bandanas, and ‘lei’ necklaces festooned with nylon rosettes.

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