"WILD REEDS" Iago Otero capsule collection "WILD REEDS" Iago Otero capsule collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“WILD REEDS” Iago Otero capsule collection

Iago Otero @iagootero_ “Wild Reeds” is a capsule collection by designer Iago Otero about teenage desire and nostalgia inspired by the film “Les roseaux sauvages” by André Téchiné. The lack of affection, sexual awakening and blooming of emotions during the adolescence years translate into clothes in a pop, colourful way with hand-made wool garments that knit a love story. Placing great importance into the artisanal work, “Wild Reeds” is the second chapter of the sad but comforting view of queer iconography by Iago Otero. 

Model: Pablo Aguilar @hbpanzer Photography: Tamara Ruibal @aiilosmalacatones Styling & Art Direction: Sara Vázquez @maldita_paciencia Necklaces: Mateulo @mateu_lo

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