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The hilarious friendship between Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet “The BFF Test”

The favorite young actors of the moment Zendaya @zendaya and Timothée Chalamet @tchalamet, stars of DUNE, the new movie on HBO Max premiered on September 2021, confessed how their friendship goes behind the cameras.

How hilarious they are with each other and the confidence they have reflected the chemistry that they have on the screen.

The point of the interview is to give faster answers, the first things that come to their mind, making spontaneous to prove how much they know each other.

“When you helped me to get my shit together” (talking about her apartment) is one of the best memories they have together, says Timothée for the portal BuzzFeed Celebs.

The first time that the celebrities meet, was on the “chemistry-read” of the movie DUNE, but after that, they have a got connection. Simple things as their favorite snack, and they favorite project of the other, Zendaya said that the Timothée favorite project that she was part of its “Euphoria” also available on HBO.

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