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Why do you need to know designer Dion Lee

Dion Lee is an Australian fashion brand whose aesthetic is “the combination of opposing elementsTechnical but sensual. Sculptural and fluid. Complex and minimal.” This inspiration is acquired from Australian lifestyle elements such as sportswear, surf and swimwear, combined with the technical approach of traditional tailoring.

There is no doubt why he has achieved great popularity in the fashion industry. His designs are really rare due to the combination of the opposing elements that at first sight might seem to collide but which he accomplishes to put together. Although monochromatism is highly used in this collection, the harnesses function like an accent that makes the dress cohesively correct. The harness is the structural element that provides strength to the body whilst the dress and fabric is fluid, simple and elegant.

“Silhouettes appear cut away, with a consciousness of the body beneath. Negative space and transparency are balanced with sculptural forms and structured silhouettes.”

Dion Lee model with transparent shirt and harness.
Dion Lee 2020

The use of harnesses and lingerie shapes combined with simple dresses for women and with transparencies for men with monochromatism colors makes an empowering design. They show strength and confidence despite the clean and soft materials and colors.

“Each collection focuses on the innovation of technique, in cut, construction and fabric development. With each collection comes textile developments and experimentation in silhouette, that create an exclusive handwriting for the brand.”

Dion Lee also brings harnesses and transparencies to menswear, creating an innovative style for men. As well as he did on womenswear, he combines a soft material (in this case the transparent shirt) with the harness underneath it. This way he unifies again opposing elements: strong with delicate. It creates a wonderful combination never seen before.

Transparencies might be a little scary for everyone but in this collection Dion Lee is metaphorically counteracting the possible shyness transparencies can cause with the strong element that is the harness, creating this way a comfortable feeling when wearing the whole look. It might feel weird at the beginning but it will surely be really comfortable.

He has also innovated in the concept of male tank tops, creating them with lingerie-like shapes and braiding a piece of clothing in the shirt in order to modify it. He also creates a visual illusion with tank tops and harnesses together. From a far distance it seems that the tank top has a different design but it is just the harness on top of it, creating a unique sensation.

Dion Lee white tank top with harness.

When asking people about their favorite designer it is common to hear big company names such as Chanel or Versace. That is because everyone pictures the most famous and most successful brands when hearing this question, but the truth is there are awesome designers that people must know about. They are incredibly talented and because of that they are inside the couture industry but they are not as highly noticeable as big businesses leading the fashion industry.

We must support young artists and help them grow. Otherwise, the future of our fashion would be dead and we have many young artists which we should give a chance to be the next big brands.

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