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Teenage Engineering Introduces the TP-7 Field Recorder

Stockholm-based electronics brand, Teenage Engineering, has unveiled the TP-7 Field Recorder, an aesthetically pleasing device that successfully marries practical functionality with elegant design.

Measuring 96mm x 68mm x 16mm, the TP-7 is ergonomically designed for easy single-handed operation. It features an integrated microphone and speaker for on-the-spot recording and playback, streamlining the recording process with a one-click memo shortcut button that eliminates the need to fumble with your smartphone to launch a recording app.

The TP-7 also allows for external microphones and headphones or monitors to be connected, offering versatility to the user. With an impressive storage capacity of up to 128GB and a full charge providing up to 7 hours of use, it’s a robust tool for all your recording needs.

What sets the TP7 apart is its ability to “convert audio files into the text” via an exclusive app, a feature that proves incredibly useful and convenient for interviewees and journalists alike.

Priced at $1,499, the TP-7 Field Recorder is slated for a summer release. Interested parties can find more information on Teenage Engineering’s website.

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