Your Hug by Pablo Pamucio

Photographer Pablo Pamucio @pablopamucio shares in exclusive ''Your Hug''. Featuring Mateo, Jony and Gino at Universe Managment wearing Complot, Bolivia, Terrible Elefant, Milagros Delger, Neto Wear and Kostume. Production and styling by Leo Montes @montes.leo. Photographer assistant Ignacio Montenegro @nachomont. …

Nothing Changes by Juliette Lopes
Kaki suit and black wool pant by Juliette Lopes, white shirt by Givenchy, grey and black, tailored jacket are vintage.

Nothing Changes by Juliette Lopes

Model Mateo @mateopicard at M Management @metropolitan_mmanagement, Riccardo @ric_romano at Premium @premium_models and Terence @terence.martino at Rockmen @rockmenmodel, Photographed by Juliette Lopes @juliettelop, Fashion by Chintia Malini @chintiamalini, Justine Leblanc…

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