Steve Jobs' Signed Check Fetches Over $100,000 at Auction Steve Jobs' Signed Check Fetches Over $100,000 at Auction Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Steve Jobs’ Signed Check Fetches Over $100,000 at Auction

Have you noticed? In recent years, auction prices associated with the legendary Steve Jobs have been surprisingly high. For example, the value of his used computer hit $300,000, and his worn Birkenstock sandals sold for over $21,000… The news a few days ago is no exception, a check signed by Jobs has been auctioned off for over $100,000.

This check from Wells Fargo Bank, issued in Apple’s founding year, required a payment of $175 to Crampton, Remke & Miller, INC., a management consulting firm in Palo Alto, California. Jobs‘ iconic signature appears below the check, with Apple’s phone number and address at that time attached on the back, when the founding team was still operating in Jobs‘ own garage. Perhaps from these items, we can catch a glimpse of Jobs’ past work and life, and slowly analyze how he became a famous IT mogul.

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