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SSENSE Ignites Fashion Flair with its Innovative AI Chatbot

As AI chatbots are redefining the online shopping scene, SSENSE takes a leap into the future with its latest unveiling.

Smart Shopping: A Trend on the Rise

Renowned e-commerce powerhouse SSENSE has recently thrown a curveball in the fashion industry by introducing its fresh-off-the-shelf AI chatbot. This ingenious virtual assistant is designed to crack the style code and streamline shopping for its users. However, what sets this AI chatbot apart from its counterparts is its seamless integration with the ChatGPT plug-in.

Innovation at the Click of a Button

SSENSE’s chatbot leverages OpenAI’s technology and the brand’s proprietary artificial intelligence model to empower shoppers with the ability to pose questions and receive answers, coupled with AI-recommended product links. In an official use case scenario, a shopper asked the AI for luxury fashion recommendations inspired by urban style in neutral hues. Like magic, the AI churned out options such as Acne’s beige long-sleeve tee, Coperni’s wide-leg beige cargo pants, and more.

Virtual Runway: ChatGPT as Stylist

SSENSE began experimenting with ChatGPT as a virtual stylist on its Instagram account earlier this year, joining forces with Shopify, Mercari, KXNT (an online store spearheaded by Kering), and a string of other enterprises exploring how AI chatbots can interpret consumer needs and provide effective responses, akin to a human sales assistant. With this breakthrough, SSENSE is not only elevating the online shopping experience but also setting a precedent for the future of digital fashion.

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