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Stas SHANIN @shhhssssssh, a ashion photographer from Estonia, presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online named Sawa starring the model Aleksandr Iljin @cawa_iljin represented by Sage Management @sage_mgmt.

The photographer worked with the new face Aleksandr Iljin @cawa_iljint for this fashion editorial. He is only sixteen years old and he’s a boxer, and apparently he got discovered by the photograper in one of Tallinn’s districts. He then presented him to his current agency, Sage Management, and they gladly accepted him into their team!

Once they finished the shoot, the model told the photographer that he had experienced one of the most incredible feelings in his life. The photographer created this editorial to show the model’s youthful mannerisms, focusing on teenagers’ emotions with a vintage twist.

The photographer also took care of the styling this time, which reflects summer vibes.”We all know that summer comes very late in Estonia, and through such bright clothes we wanted to show our ready for summer mood!” The models wears different pieces from various designers and brands such as Prada, H&M, Berska, and Levi’s. It has that vintage look the photographer mentions, it has a very beautiful coloring and the location is also stunning. This was the model’s first-ever photoshoot, and it seems like he’s good at it! He looks confident and acts very professionaly in front of the camera, as if he were a professional model already. He will accomplish everyhitng he puts his mind to!

Model Aleksandr Iljin @cawa_iljin represented by Sage Management @sage_mgmt photographed and styled by Stas SHANIN @shhhssssssh in Tallinn, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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