Nikki Beach and Givenchy Unveil Summer Glamour at Porto Cervo Waterfront Nikki Beach and Givenchy Unveil Summer Glamour at Porto Cervo Waterfront Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Nikki Beach and Givenchy Unveil Summer Glamour at Porto Cervo Waterfront

Immerse in an Exclusive Lifestyle Experience featuring Givenchy’s 2023 Plage Collection

Nikki Beach Pop-Up Bar & Lounge – A Luxe Summer Experience

Nikki Beach has revealed its latest enticing endeavor: the Nikki Beach Pop-Up Bar & Lounge at Porto Cervo Waterfront, ready to set the summer vibes alight starting from June 24, 2023. Elevating the excitement, the globally recognized luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand is joining forces with Givenchy for an exceptional collaboration at the Waterfront pop-up. The highlight? The unveiling of Givenchy’s 2023 Plage collection — a magnificent array of beach and swimwear, crafted for Fall 2023.

Givenchy’s Plage Collection: A Homage to Elegance and Legacy

The Plage collection, thoughtfully curated by Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy’s Creative Director, pays tribute to Hubert de Givenchy’s trailblazing legacy in beachwear and his chic refuge on the French Riviera. The outcome is a modern, sporty collection that reimagines iconic Givenchy designs. From the seasonal rework of essential accessories, like the “straw basket” version of the beloved Voyou bag and Marshmallow wedges, to timeless G-Tote shoppers, each piece reflects an elevated beach aesthetic.

Tailored Givenchy Experience at the Pop-Up Bar & Lounge

The Pop-Up Bar & Lounge will be converted into a customized Givenchy haven. Employees will sport chic Givenchy uniforms, a signature Givenchy-inspired cocktail will be the star of the menu, and branding elements will be tastefully infused throughout the venue. Nikki Beach pop-up visitors will be privy to an exclusive first look at the Plage collection, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the opulent world of Givenchy. This remarkable union of Nikki Beach’s celebrated hospitality and Givenchy’s unparalleled style will be flawlessly portrayed in the pop-up lounge’s branding and atmosphere. The stage is set for a truly unforgettable Givenchy experience at Nikki Beach.

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