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Nike x Martine Rose Collaboration: A Unique Ode to Women’s Football

British Designer Martine Rose and Nike Unveil a Sportswear Piece that Transcends Fashion to Highlight Women’s Contribution to Football

When these trainers first graced the Florentine catwalks at Pitti Uomo in January, they instantly captivated the audience. The stars of this moment were the creations of sports behemoth Nike and acclaimed British designer Martine Rose. But these trainers represent more than just a chic footwear item – they convey a powerful story centered around women’s football.

A Story Told Through Sport Broadcasting

In their attempt to tell and unfold this narrative, Nike and Martine Rose called upon Rosie Marks to reinterpret a sports broadcast from a unique, uninhibited perspective. Marks was not alone; she was joined by a top-tier cast, including TV icon Ruby Wax, English football legend Rachel Yankey, Troy the Magician, Amelia Dimoldenberg, Chris Lockwood, Janice Emms, Jean Elliot (the “Lost Lionesses” of 1971), and rising Subbuteo champion Ruby Matthews.

A Groundbreaking Campaign and a New Take on Women’s Football

The collaboration resulted in an iconic campaign that provided an alternative footballing reality, redefining cliches in the football sphere. For the past two years, Martine Rose and Nike have been spotlighting the often-ignored contributions of women in football. MRSTV’s fresh take on football, envisioning a world where women’s contributions are recognized and respected, is a significant step toward this change.

An Ode to the Elite Athletes

On the exploration of women’s football, Martine Rose said, “I felt the women’s team should be presented as the elite athletes they are – and with the same polish and seriousness as the men’s squad. The look needed to be clean, and also not distracting – to focus on the person wearing it. The proportions are still quite compact, neat, and sporty feeling, there’s a nod to that with the fabric too. I wanted to design something that felt real and would make the players feel confident and respected.”

This collaboration between Nike and Martine Rose transcends the realm of fashion, serving as a powerful narrative that sheds light on the significant contributions of women in football. It presents a progressive perspective on sports broadcasting, offering an alternative football reality where women’s contributions are celebrated rather than overlooked.

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