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Nehuén by Joaquín Soler

Photographer and stylist Joaquín Soler @joaqunsoler worked with the gorgeous model Nehuen @nehuenalauzet represented by AR Models Agency @armodelsagency for this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

This editorial was inspired by memories like fairy tales, or fairy tale memories. The word Nehuén has the meaning of “proper name” and comes from Mapudungun nehuen = “strength, possessing spirit and soul”.

“Mutual gaze occurs when two people make eye contact or look into each other’s eyes. Mutual gaze is an important part of social communication and perception of others’ emotion states and is the one of the foundational skills necessary in the development of joint attention (George & Conty, 2008; Morales, Mundy, Crowson, Neal, & Delgado, 2005; Saito et al., 2010; Senju & Johnson, 2009). Mutual gaze has been described as “the most powerful mode of establishing a communicative link between humans” (Farroni, Csibra, Simion, & Johnson, 2002).”

For this shoot, the photographer used a Mamiya C220 KODAK professional PORTRA 400 Film / 120, and it was shot in a beautiful apartment in San Telmo, one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Soler wanted to transmit clarity, peace, and serenity through these images, and for the styling he used pieces from ESTETASTUDIO By Beto Romano and HXMBRX.

“Celebrate an act of contemplation of the world, the magic murmur that springs and reveals itself from the beauty of the unseen.”

Model Nehuen @nehuenalauzet represented by AR Models Agency @armodelsagency, Two Management @twomanagement, Independent Management @independent_mgmt, Two Management Barcelona @twomanagementbarcelona, Two Management Copenhagen @twocopenhagen, We Love Models @welovemodels._, and Another Agency @anotheragency_ photographed and styled by Joaquín Soler @joaqunsoler, retouching by Carla Rossi I Retoucher @carlarossiretoucher, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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