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Miserable Pool Party by Alma Rosaz Miserable Pool Party by Alma Rosaz Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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Miserable Pool Party by Alma Rosaz

“Miserable Pool Party” is an editorial that forms part of a series of four exclusive stories by the styling students of the London College of Style (@londoncollegeofstyle). The stylists for this story were Suzanne Faure (@fiercebrioche) and Talitha Howden (@talitha.howden) and were inspired by the “Misery Chic” trend. On the inspiration behind this story the stylists commented:

“We were inspired by the current menswear trend of “Misery Chic” but we wanted to add an element of playfulness and fun with the inflatables and rubber ducks. The concept of “The Miserable Pool Party” then came to us as we mixed these two and ended with a funeral that went wrong and turned into an absurd celebration of silliness. The idea to create a contrast between the colour of the plastic pool toys and the black garments came to us as we wanted to lighten the mood when shooting such a dark colour pallet.”

Captured under the lens of photographer and director Alma Rosaz (@almarosaz) near the River Thames, models Elis (@elisbaglin) and Benji Lewis (@benji__lewis) of Select Model Management London (@selectmodellondon) star in this story about a funeral gone wrong that turned into an absurd celebration of silliness.

Miserable Pool Party by  Alma Rosaz

Production. Afonso Albano (@vegetarianlegend)

Photography: Alma  Rosaz (@almarosaz)

Stylists: Suzanne Faure & Talitha Howden

Style Assistant: Hari Clark-Jones

Models. Benji & Ellis at Select Model Management London Makeup. Niall Candy (@niallcandymakeup

Hairstylist. Tim Furssedon (@tfurssedon) using #wop products

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