Marni Unveils Playful Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Marni Unveils Playful Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Marni Unveils Playful Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign

Marni’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign invites you into a world of boundless curiosity. Fun, whimsical, slightly dramatic, and undoubtedly exploratory, these qualities shine through in Marni’s latest visuals. The promotional images evoke the charm of vintage scans, featuring distorted shapes and static appearances. Marni’s everyday wear exudes youthful flair, transporting individuals back to a childlike state. Grandma-style florals take center stage, adorning loose dresses and models’ raincoats with bold prints layered over various textures. The men’s ensemble boasts a two-tone purple look with a V-neck paired with vibrant purple faux fur and fringed brown loafers, creating a playful yet sophisticated vibe.

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