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Louis Vuitton Men’s FW21 Show in Seoul with House Ambassadors BTS

Integrating House Ambassadors BTS in the show, Virgil Abloh’s collection employs fashion as a tool to change predetermined perceptions of dress codes.”

Louis Vuitton

We had the feeling that BTS (I.G. @bts.bighitofficial) would be part of the Louis Vuitton family (I.G.@louisvuitton) when they were invited at the presentation of the brand’s FW’21 collection last January, which made a big impact on the luxury brand’s social media; it wasn’t until late April that the septet was officially announced as brand ambassadors. It is only today, July 7, that RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook have officially made their runway debut as Louis Vuitton house ambassadors by appearing in the fashion film directed by Jeon Go-woon (박세영 ) and Park Sye-young and featuring a spin-off of Virgil Abloh’s Fall-Winter 21 collection, which consists of 34 new looks and seven from the original collection.

Following the narrative that the creative director put forward since last year with The Voyage project, about traveling across cultures and nations through an inclusive dialogue between the luxury house and its audience, merging luxury and contemporary culture and, in relation to the central theme of the original collection where the artistic director took archetypes and investigated the dress codes that inform our default perceptions to transform them with different value codes through the idea of travel, the film focuses on redefining the way our minds identify archetypal closets that are tied to social assumptions, the collection re-appropriates the normal through extreme elevation. The septet’s appearance goes beyond the participation of high-caliber artists for a brand, as BTS has been known for its gender-defying fashion, which emphasizes the intention of the collection.

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