LOUIS VUITTON Launches "Deep Time" High Jewelry Collection LOUIS VUITTON Launches "Deep Time" High Jewelry Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

LOUIS VUITTON Launches “Deep Time” High Jewelry Collection

Tracing Earth’s Journey in the “Deep Time” Collection

From the inception of Earth’s birth to the creation and reproduction of life, the “Deep Time” series traces the production process of the collection’s gemstones. The 13 themes span numerous masterful designs, unfolding in two acts, weaving a profound tale of the transformation, life, and heritage of our planet.

The Two Acts: “Geology” and “Life”

The first act, “Geology,” narrates the extraordinary evolution of the Earth and its millennia-spanning history. Celebrating the legacy of gemstones at the collection’s heart, LOUIS VUITTON’s fine jewelry craftsmanship seamlessly melds with the mystery and splendor of the Earth’s origins. The second act, “Life,” unveils a complex and sophisticated universe where creativity is stirred by life’s force, and graphic design gives way to the gem itself, resulting in awe-inspiring work. The pieces represent an ingenious dialogue between diamonds and colored gemstones, where the interplay of different textures makes the collection all the more captivating.

LOUIS VUITTON’s High-End Jewelry: Eye-Catching and Steadfast

Following the popularity of men’s fashion, LOUIS VUITTON’s stable high-end jewelry series is expected to capture attention. This new collection continues to affirm the brand’s commitment to marrying artistry with the splendor of nature’s creations.

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