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London Blues by Alma Rosaz

The London College of Style (@londoncollegeofstyle) shares in exclusive a series of four editorials made by its styling students. For this first installment, we present “London Blues”, a story by stylists Celia Otshudy (@she.styyles) and  Zahra Ghorabian ( captured under the lens of photographer and director Alma Rosaz (@almarosaz) . For this story stylist Celia based on the ideas of denim and the color red, concepts that are usually associated with rebellion, energy, and youth. About the concept of the editorial, the stylist commented:

“Our brief was based around the idea of denim and the colour red. We took that and made our concept from the denim signifying rebelliousness and individualism with the red signifying Energy, life and love. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is while trying to find who you are and where you fit in. The two boys find that they relate to each other more than they thought and quickly become friends almost like brothers as they try to find where they belong.

I wanted to convey young teen joy while still adopting the attitude of ‘I’ll do what I want'”

Shot at the outdoors of Prospect of Whitby (London), the story features models Valentin Tymchenko (@valik_timchenko) from Ukraine and Blu (@blucantskate) from London signed to Select Models London (@selectmodellondon) wearing pieces from Prada, Tamar Keburia, Joseph Brimicombe, Samuel Thelwell, Jenn Lee.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen Digital!

London Blues by Alma Rosaz

Production. Afonso Albano (@vegetarianlegend)

Photography: Alma  Rosaz (@almarosaz)

Styling. Celia Otshudy                           

Models. Blu & Valentin at Select Model Management London

Makeup. Niall Candy (@niallcandymakeup)

Hairstylist. Tim Furssedon (@tfurssedon) using #wop products

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