Levi's® x Studio Ghibli: A Fashion Ode to the Epic "Princess Mononoke" Levi's® x Studio Ghibli: A Fashion Ode to the Epic "Princess Mononoke" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Levi’s® x Studio Ghibli: A Fashion Ode to the Epic “Princess Mononoke”

The Iconic Denim Brand Pays Homage to the Timeless Environmental Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki’s Masterpiece

Immerse yourself in the fusion of classic storytelling and timeless style. The year 1997 marked the release of Studio Ghibli‘s mesmerizing historical fantasy, “Princess Mononoke.” This enchanting epic, crafted by the genius Hayao Miyazaki, swept across Japan, breaking box office records and captivating audiences with its striking animation and enduring environmental themes.

A Testament to Unparalleled Passion and Craftsmanship

Over the years, Miyazaki’s unwavering passion for animation and an unmatched eye for detail has carved his unique place in the industry. This ethos mirrors the dedication of the iconic brand Levi’s®, whose commitment to detail and craftsmanship has rendered it a cultural emblem. By infusing the brand’s iconic style with the aesthetic nuances of the film, Levi’s®, and Studio Ghibli have interlaced an artistic collection, infusing each piece with a poetic flair that captures the spirit of the legendary film.

Nature Embodied in Fashion

“Princess Mononoke” masterfully explores the intricate duality between humanity and nature, making nature as significant a character as any human or animal; with some characters embodying the spirits of the natural world. Miyazaki’s hand-painted backgrounds showcase sprawling forests, serene rivers, and fantastical creatures, all of which spring to life in his epic. Taking a leaf from the film’s mystical landscapes and unique characters, the Levi’s® x Princess Mononoke collection pays tribute to its environmental storytelling and transformative allure. Each piece of this collection encapsulates the essence of the forest and the beauty of a deeply interconnected ecosystem.

An Ever-Resonating Icon

Karyn Hillman, Levi Strauss & Co.’s Product Director, reflects on the enduring resonance of the film, stating, “More than 25 years after its release, ‘Princess Mononoke’ continues to deeply resonate with audiences worldwide as an animation icon.” She further expresses the joy of their collaboration, “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Studio Ghibli and create such a beautiful collection that pays homage to this artistic and compelling masterpiece.”

The Levi’s® x Princess Mononoke collection stands as an artistic testament to the timeless charm of a cinematic masterpiece, a reverent nod to the narrative’s environmental themes, and a clear example of how fashion can transcend the boundaries of art, culture, and storytelling.

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