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KIDILL presents the Spring/Summer 2022 lookbook. Japanese designer Hiroaki Sueyasu presents this unique collection that embraces the “putty and devotion” of oneself and one’s pursuit for their desires. The designer collaborates with different designers, such as the British graphic artist Trevor Brown, for this collection showing the punk mentality for Hiroaki.

“One’s pursuit for their desires should be provided with purity and devotion. I always devote and intend myself to be able to show who I want to be, constantly chasing what this could be. The obscure punk mindset could lead us into unknown territory beyond human comprehension. I’m creating to find answers, and the deeper the pursuit, the mind grows with purity and clarity. Trevor’s artworks are a mix of kawaii and grotesqueness and having both of these concepts coexisting is very fascinating. It could be seen as cruel and masochistic, but I could feel both madness and purity. This has taught me that evanescence, fragility, chaos, madness all exist in very close proximity.”


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