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Iago Otero Capsule Collection

Iago Otero @iagootero_ presents its new capsule collection named Diane Young. Otero created his brand when he completed his studies in fashion design as a way to build his own path into the fashion industry. Diane Young is his third collection which is hand made in Galicia, Spain to support traditional textile workers. Iago Otero’s speech is focused on crafts, quality and reconnecting fashion with human emotions.

The collection tells a story and elaborates on what it really means to be young and struggling with the pressures of becoming an adult at the same time, an honest look at all the uncertainty of finding oneself. The visuals for the collection are a series of portraits from various characters who crave love, characters tormented by the fear of being eclipsed, overwhelmed and overshadowed by their own emotions.

“My goal was to capture in the design the way in which I imagined the essence of Princess Diana’s spirit, so the garment’s bright colors, its atmosphere and teenage references all reflect and are meant to evoke how I see youth from my own perspective”.

Iago Otero

The result is a bold and vibrant collection that pushes the brand to a new future, with classic knitting techniques, new patterns for wool classics, reimagining some of Diana’s infamous sweaters and creating new ones which, and knit lace garments. The silhouettes from the pieces featured in the collection are fit, with short and long tailored trousers, made of silk and cotton twill tartan, and structured jackets. The collection is completed with printed lycras with classic patterns as Argyle and Vichy.

Photography/ Creative direction: Sergio Penas @sergitopenas, Assistant: Aicha Trinidad @aichatrinidad, Styling: Luci Garcia @lalucigarcia, Styling assistant: Lucía Heroin @luciaheroin, makeup: Celtia Lata @celtiamakeup, Models: Aritz Kortabarria @aritzkortabarria and Jorge @jorgegl__, Vanity Teen online!

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