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Hermès Unveils Luxury AirPods Pro 2 Case

Hermès, the renowned French luxury goods manufacturer, has introduced an upscale protective case for AirPods Pro 2. This elegant accessory is available in a total of five color options, including classic gold, navy blue, green, pink, and mist blue.

Swift Calfskin Leather for a Smooth, Shiny Finish

Each case is meticulously crafted from Hermès‘ Swift calfskin leather, renowned for its lightness and glossy finish. This adds a touch of sophistication while providing a comfortable grip.

Wireless Charging Support with Adjustable Leather Strap

Aside from its high-quality material and design, the case is fully compatible with wireless charging, offering extra convenience for AirPods Pro 2 users. It also comes with an adjustable leather strap, allowing for easy carrying.

However, true to Hermès‘ tradition of luxury, the price tag is quite steep. At $930, this case is approximately 3.5 times the cost of the AirPods Pro 2 themselves. It’s an accessory that truly embodies the concept of luxury and the essence of the Hermès brand.

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