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Heinz Launches Safe and Non-Toxic Red Tattoo Ink Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Heinz Tattoo

Heinz, the famous ketchup brand, has developed its own red tattoo pigment that is safe and non-toxic. The idea was born from the company’s collaboration with singer Ed Sheeran, who has a Heinz bottle tattoo on his arm. Working with Brazilian creative agency SOKO and tattoo ink manufacturer Electric Ink, Heinz carefully selected non-harmful ingredients to develop the pigment, which is based on the company’s official Pantone color. This is in response to the growing restrictions and bans on tattoo ink ingredients, particularly red ink which is known to cause allergic reactions and other complications.

Heinz has a large fan base that loves getting tattoos of the brand and its products, so the company wanted to provide a safe and high-quality alternative. The new ink will not only give Heinz fans a new way to show their love for the brand but also provide an option for people who want to get a red tattoo without any harmful side effects.

To celebrate the launch of the new ink, Heinz has partnered with five notable Brazilian tattoo artists to create 57 original Heinz tattoo stencils. These designs will be available online for anyone to use. Heinz believes that the new ink will be available in the best parlors soon, providing an exciting opportunity for those who love the brand and want to get a safe and high-quality tattoo.

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