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Flip Side by Juanlu Coímbra

The super talented photographer Juanlu Coímbra @juanlucoimbra presents Flip Side, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the models Rasmus Bang @_rasmusbang, Lauge Hald @laugehaldmaartensson, and Nicklas Rosenvinge @nicklasrosenvinge represented by Unique Models @uniquemodelsdenmark.

This editorial was created during Coímbra’s first time in Denmark. “As soon as my plane landed, I felt so inspired with the dark light mood, the architecture, and the Danish clean design,” he says. “Before having arrived in Copenhagen, I knew that I wanted to work in suburbs, non-tourist places, local models, and running away from the beautiful but stereotypic idea of Danish ‘hygge’.

“I already knew my interest in this culture, but it was much more intense once in town. However, I didn’t want to stay in my first impressions and explore the city more to widen my vision.”

“Innocence as we understand it in our culture is very theatrical. The flip side is, if you’re charming enough, you can get away with anything.”

Susan Choi

“Through fashion, portraiture, landscape and models’ acting, I have registered a story of good kids that want to be bad boys. I think that it is a global feeling during the teenage years. Sometimes, when young guys are alone, they are calm and nice, but when they are with friends, it is just “time to play”. Furthermore, the story talks about the beside of the topics, the flip side of the coin. How a beautiful city as Copenhagen also has suburbs and how boys with angelic faces can be ‘charming stealers’.”

The equipment used was a Canon 5D Mark IV and natural light, and the shooting took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Models Rasmus Bang @_rasmusbang, Lauge Hald @laugehaldmaartensson, and Nicklas Rosenvinge @nicklasrosenvinge represented by Unique Models @uniquemodelsdenmark, photographed by Juanlu Coímbra @juanlucoimbra, styled by Sebastián Machado @sebmachado Agentur @agentur_cph, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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